The content of this blog comes from a wide spectrum of sources; some are personal experiences, some happened to friends, and other are stories I’ve heard. In all cases, the content of this blog is narrated in the first person as if it were my own, or those of direct family members who may or may not exist. The purpose is to change as much as I can of the people in the story but not the content. If you find yourself vaguely resembling any character or incident, it is purely coincidental.

I accept no liability for the content of this blog, or the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the content provided, included but not limited to starting blogs, donating to charity, quitting your jobs, backpacking across the world, running away, shaving heads, burning bras, smoking a cigarette in the bathroom or stairway, taking up a new hobby, getting a tattoo or binge eating.


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