Just Avoid the Colour Pink


As my daughter’s 3rd birthday is approaching (not really it is 7 months away) and her awareness of the concept of “birthdays” has started to surface, I think I will surrender to my wife’s guilt trip as to not doing anything on our daughter’s birthday.

So I felt the need to mention what I hope well wishers would expect/practice on that day for the years to come.

Every person is entitled to 1 Happy Birthday greeting, either said to her at the salutation or at the farewell. My daughter, or anyone for that matter, do not need constant reminder of their special day. On the contrary, sometimes the “specialness” of anything is inversely proportional to verbal expression. The most beautiful things in life are the ones that cannot be expressed in words. Although my daughter’s birthday is far from being that majestic, I still think one birthday greeting per person is sufficient.

There will be some sort of entertainment for the kids that is age appropriate. Since my daughter’s birthday is 7 months away I haven’t really put much thought into what exactly it will be but I am certain that it shall not be hired, but rather inbred. I shall play a clown or a magician. Although I have never had any sort of practice before I shall rehearse several times to try and make it entertaining for the kids. I might fail but I know that when my daughter would grow up she will appreciate it all the more knowing that her old man put the effort in entertaining her and her giggly friends rather than hire someone to do it on his behalf.

With regards to the gifts; I hope my daughter learns to appreciate that her friend’s presence is the best gift she can have. This is an honest display of affection that should be cherished.

Any toy that is remotely related to female accessories, beauty, hair products and the likes shall be exchanged. The exposure to the notion that beauty is important at a young age, or any age, is not healthy. I will not watch as my daughter turns into a shallow synthetic imitation of a barbie doll. Instead I highly encourage everyone to buy her a book.

If the toy is to be a mode of transport then let it be one that requires some sort of skill. One of her most enjoyable toys is a red fire truck that stacks blocks to make a tower for the fire man to climb and put the fire out. Something along these lines is ideal. A beauty bus is not what I would have in mind.

If it must be a doll then an educational one would be preferred. One that mentions body parts, colours, shapes, numbers, letters, words, legal terms, or vital organs. It need not have lush long blonde hair; short simple black one is fine. It is ok if it is wearing glasses, it is ok if it is not thin.

Musical instruments or anything related to music are all welcome. As @georgeazzi tweeted, “Playing an instrument is a lot like riding a bike. It takes you places.”

Hannah Montana products will not be exchanged, they shall be burned. The thought of returning them for someone else to buy is revolting.

A birthday anthem or blowing of candles is not to be expected. That much attention given to a person that hasn’t done anything more than existing is ridiculous. My wife and I shall sing her happy birthday on a home baked cake before kissing her on her forehead. I shall remind her that it is her achievements, kindheartedness, and modesty is what is worth celebrating.

We look forward to your attendance towards the end of August. This post shall be circulated again in reminder.

This post shall be revisited and updated before she enters her teens.


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