The Destiny of the Forsaken Cat on the Night of Entry


When a man has found his bride, and his wedding is due, he shall hear the phrase, “cut off the cat’s head from the first night.” This phrase will be repeated throughout the wedding preparation, which for most men start before he even meets a woman.

The story goes that a man has married a woman, and on their first night, referred to as night of entry, he found his young, innocent bride playing with her cat, instead of nervously preparing to tend to her new groom. So innocent, so naive! In a sudden rage to protect his masculinity and ensure that the bride will shudder at his every request he held the cat and cut of it’s head! It’s not clear whether the cutting was done using a blade or in his bare hands, but from that moment on, the bride walked like a watch* (a description used pertaining to predictability and precision).

Days came and went*, and the cat head cutter’s brother got married. And lo, his new wife happened to also play with a cat on her night of entry. This brother was of weaker character, so upon seeing his new wife playing with a cat, he started to playful stroke the cat along with his wife. In realizing the kindness of her husband, the wife rode on her husbands shoulders and dangled her legs* (another weird description to signify manipulation). She would steer him into doing everything she wished for, to a point that he ran helplessly to his brother pleading for his help. His brother advised him to go home and to cut off the cats head.

In a moment of rage he rushed home, snatched the poor cat from his conniving wife’s hands and cut off the darned head. She looked him pitifully, and mockingly told him, “You just figured this out you poor man! Now you came to cut off the cat’s head?”

Whenever men would get married, mother’s would hope, father’s would advice, and friends would remind to “cut of the cat’s head from the first night,” – the first night being key. It will serve as a point of reference for the new bride for the duration of the marriage and a reminder that no action should be done to compromise her husband’s testosterone levels.

Nowadays, men don’t cut off cat’s heads anymore. Far from it; it seems that most women not only cut off the cat’s head on the first night, but the dog’s and the donkey’s head too. It’ll make the horse scene from The Godfather Part I seem elementary.

In any case, women don’t play with cats anymore, instead their fingers would stroke the keys of their smart phones. Maybe they should change the “saying” to make it adapt more to modern times. It should be “break the phone on the first night.”

The man who didn't cut off the cat's head from the first night


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  1. Maybe the couple could make vows at their wedding to be kind to animals, respectful of each other’s technology, and attentive to each other. At my niece’s wedding, her husband vowed to stop playing video games at a reasonable hour each night and my niece promised to be direct in her communication.

  2. I have a theory that men who exude an air of excessive masculinity are in fact timid, romantic and very compromising men in their own homes. It would make sense that a lot of them tell these ‘Antar stories to their friends and families because those stories are more manly and exciting than talking about how they spent a beautiful evening with their wives in a bed decorated with rose petals, surrounded by lavender scented candles. Cutting off a cat’s head just sounds cooler.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if the head-cutter hadn’t really cut any heads and his brother, because of his weak character, got bamboozled into being the first man to ever do it.

  3. Hilarious but true! :p We have a distorted image of equality between couples but the question is: who are we trying to prove ourselves to? People or God? In the eyes of God, we should be treating everyone with kindness, and the priority goes to family. There is a verse in the Quran that says: “wa 2o7therat al anfus al shu7”, which talks about the people who were “stingy” with their feelings towards those around them who needed to hear kind words the most!

    • Sara I think your question is so wise. It’s entirely reflective of what is truly the moral of this story which I think the writer loses sight of. It’s not who wins or loses or what modern day culture has become, but what is truly equal in a relationship. In other words, love truly and openly and leave your egos at the door.

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